Cardagraph gives you instant visibility into how resources, time, and scope are intertwined for each individual project so your agile teams run at the highest efficiency possible.

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In agile environments, the most important inputs you have are resources, time, and scope. Cardagraph gives you instant visibility into how those three things are intertwined for each individual project. Plus, the system takes into account all the historical data you’ve already collected on individual and team performance, so it already knows how you work and how to adjust your forecasts.


Based on the 15th annual “State of Agile Report” put out by, many of the challenges faced by teams using an agile methodology can be solved by using Cardagraph Execution Intelligence. 

Solve “inconsistent processes and practices across teams” by seeing each process as it’s happening in real-time, no matter where it’s being managed. No need to wait for a sprint retro to determine issues. Find problems and solve them so each sprint is successful.

Different teams using “fragmented tooling and project-related data/measurements”? Easily bring them together into one place so leadership can have a grasp on progress from one screen instead of exporting data from multiple software sources and building complicated visualizations and pivot tables.

Combat a “lack of management support” by giving realistic deadlines and showing why you need the resources you’re asking for. Show forecasted workload and get notified when you’re running low on resources or time.

“Minimal collaboration and knowledge pairing” can’t exist when each manager has the visibility they need to move the chess pieces where they need to in order to achieve objectives and nail deadlines.

However you find success with Agile, Execution Intelligence is the next step to simpler, more automated success.


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