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“Cardagraph allows remote teams to build trust as if they were in the office together everyday.”

AJ, CEO — Wander

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“We are able to correctly manage and plan workload and deadlines with the ability to predict outcomes because of Cardagraph.”

Maddy, Vice President — MāHK

“Cardagraph gets clarity on the progress of our teams and reduces noisy signals and bad metrics. Ultimately, better insight and efficiency about the product process is the goal”

Allan, Senior Product Manager — PayPal

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"Cardagraph knows the problems that businesses are having and automatically solves them”

Chelsea, VP Operations — Today's Business


Cardagraph works with the world's top organizations.

Year-Over-Year Growth

Our highly agile, fast-growing employee base continues to grow.

Global Offices

We practice what we preach with employees in 3 offices on 2 continents.


The platform uses the same servers as Facebook, SAP, Spotify, and more.

The Founding
and Vision of Cardagraph

Co-founders Bentley Wilson and Spencer Jack officially started Cardagraph in 2019 after years of research and development. Having had experiences in leadership lacking visibility into their teams, they decided to solve the problem. In doing so, Cardagraph’s mission became improving the world’s vital systems through access, understanding, and optimization.

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