Hands tied? not anymore.

Finally, insight into the delivery process.

Your roadmap is prioritized and planned. Now, ship it off to engineering and hope things go right? Wrong.

With Cardagraph, see project timelines in real time and know what to expect.

Using portfolios, know where each team, project, client, and more stand in regards to delivery timelines. Easily simulate changes to understand how scope changes, capacity change, priority, and more affect delivery timelines.

what if...

Simulate changes, in real time.

Is the projected timeline later that you want? Do you want to see what would happen if priorities change? If scope is added? What if you move capacity to/from a specific project?

Now you can simulate potential changes in real time and see the downstream affects. This limits re-planning and estimating.

Timeline tracking late?

Let's get things back on track. See what happens if you adjust scope, priority, certainty, and more.

Last-second addition?

Your client, executive, sales teams, and more always try to squeeze more in. See what that does to your projected timeline.

Lost capacity?

See the affect of lost capacity to your team, project, or initiative — ahead of time.

Alternate routes

Find another way to deliver on the expectations set. Whether it's moving capacity, changing scope, etc.

Meet with a product specialist and deliver when you promise.

We give you the forecast, completion date,  projected scope growth, and more. Now, go shout this from the rooftops and deliver when expected.


Don’t wait for a sprint to be finished to see what went wrong. Find out what’s going wrong and fix it.