What is Cardagraph?

Cardagraph is an Execution Intelligence platform. The goal of the tool is to increase predictability within the product development process (as well as other project-based processes). Cardagraph leverages historical data from previous sprints, projects, and engagements to more accurately predict outcomes of future work. 

The platform automatically connects to the software that teams use to manage the work being performed every day (e.g. Jira, ClickUp, Github, Gitlab, Slack, etc.). The organization and structure of the data being pulled is implemented automatically so that you don’t have to worry about relational tables or manual exports. Let Cardagraph take care of the boring part so you can focus on delivery.

What kind of an ROI can I expect from using the Cardagraph platform?

Let’s consider a scenario. Let’s say you have a team of 7 developers, 2 QA people, and 1 manager, you’ve got 10 people on that team. We’ll stay conservative and say that the team has an average salary of $75,000. 

Now, let's assume that the team is pretty good about deadlines. Sometimes they go a couple of days over and there are some tasks bleeding over from one sprint to the next, but overall, it’s a pretty good team!

But what does that “pretty good team” cost? Every day of extra work spent on a project costs another $3k. That $3k per day is coming from payroll for employees that should have been starting on the next project.

Add the emotional costs to what you’re racking up in late projects and it gets even less palatable. Things like losing developers because of burnout or having teams struggle through projects where scope creep increases their workload by 25%.

Without a solution to increase predictability, things start to add up quickly.

Our tools are on-premise, can you guys work with that?

Of course! We can work with tools whether they’re in the cloud or not. Talk with our sales team about specific situations and we’ll do our best to make things easy.

What size businesses do you work with?

Cardagraph can help companies of all sizes as seen below.

Cardagraph helps those in the startup stages make sure that they’re using their time and money effectively. Founders and product leaders can make sure their product team is performing as efficiently as possible. 

Small Businesses:
This stage starts to feel the effects of building small teams and understanding how best to manage those teams. Creating processes and injecting reporting into workflows becomes essential. Cardagraph allows for the managers to understand the capacity and velocity of their teams and then automatically helps those teams predict their performance by taking historical data into account.

Medium-sized and small-enterprise businesses:
These orgs are becoming large enough that the C-suite and even VP-level leaders aren’t able to be as involved as they once were. Cardagraph gives those roles increased visibility so that they’re aware of what the actual capacity of their teams is. In addition, lower-level managers can manage workload and keep track of the progress of each of their sprints/projects.

Enterprise businesses:
These large organizations require enormous teams and unwieldy amounts of data to glean insights from. Cardagraph simplifies the process of bringing that data together and giving it to managers. If your teams aren’t completing work on time, that can quickly add up to millions of dollars of waste. Cardagraph eliminates that waste.

Do I have to change the software tools that we’re using?

Nope! We don’t care what software you use as long as it works for you. Our tool doesn’t affect the front-line users of the other software tools at all. 

That being said, if you feel like the tools you’re using aren’t working as well as they could, we have a lot of experience helping teams find tools that fit their current tech ecosystem and increase their overall efficiency.

We’re not using a ton of software to manage our work. Can we use Cardagraph effectively?

Come talk to us! Virtually every Fortune 500 company is using some form of software to manage their projects and tasks because it’s been proven to work. 

What’s more, if you start investing in work management software while you’re using the Cardagraph tool to manage capacity, workload, cadence, and execution, you have the opportunity to create incredible synergies between your workforce and your tech stack.

We’ve seen hundreds of businesses and the way that they run, so we’re uniquely qualified to help you through figuring out the way you want to do business. Reach out today and let’s begin the journey together.

We have ways that we already see some of these metrics within our project management tools.

Is there any reason we’d need Cardagraph on top of those other tools?

Yes! Where many other tools have been built to organize your product development process, Cardagraph is built specifically to create predictability within that process.

What we’ve seen is that there are tools (excel spreadsheets for example) that can be used to tease insights out of the same data that Cardagraph uses. The problem is how effort-intensive it is to tease those insights out. Manual data pulls, relational tables, data filtering and attribution, the ETL process, and more are all taken care of by Cardagraph.

In addition, there are reporting modules in every major project management tool. The visualizations and dashboards they offer are helpful to gain visibility, but they often don’t solve the problem Cardagraph does. Namely that of improving timeline accuracy, ensuring priority execution, refining team organization, and streamlining workload distribution. 

So yes, just like you can technically hammer in a nail by using a spoon, you can ingest, filter, organize and visualize your execution data with a tool like excel or a project management reporting module. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

I don’t see the tools I use on
your list of integrations.
Can we use Cardagraph effectively?

Our integrations team is constantly adding more integrations to the list. If your tool isn’t on the list, talk with our sales team and we’ll get it moved up the list so that you can use Cardagraph effectively as soon as possible.

In addition, if your tool is a custom-built platform or something that’s more industry-specific, chances are there’s a way for us to pull data out of it to help inform your decisions. Please reach out to our sales team and we’ll do our best to accommodate your specific needs.

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