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Fully leverage when and where your people prefer to work with real time data across platforms they are already using. Without disrupting workflow.

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The way people and teams work has been revolutionized in the last two years. 9 in 10 remote workers would prefer to have remote work remain the norm to some degree. While there is no one size fits all solution, there is a way everyone can be placed in a position to succeed.

Cardagraph gives you the means to enable your product teams to work where they work best. With increased predictability metrics, your teams will hit deadlines no matter where they choose to work. 


Cardagraph shows you actions made during the everyday workflow. Individual contributions are plotted on a calendar and separated out by project so you can see your teams’ efforts are focused.

To enable remote work, Cardagraph Execution Intelligence gives you access to your teams’ activity, alignment, and workload so you can manage anyone, anywhere.


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