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We are a Talent Dense Community and look to continually improve as a unit. We believe that each employee is working not to sell or create a product but to improve the way the company works and the people within it.

At Cardagraph, we know that the Cardagraph Productivity Intelligence platform is vital. Without the work that we are doing, workers and employers would be unhappy and unaligned. This fuels our work ethic that leads to hyper-growth and excellence. 
Yes, it’s cliche, but we work hard and we play hard. We make time to hit the nearby ski slopes in the Salt Lake and Denver areas and test our F1 racing skills at the Go-Kart tracks. Not to mention we *arguably* have a world class group of Super Smash Bros players. 

Growth: We have an acute focus on velocity of improvement. 
Trust: We are reliable, honest, and intentional.
Accountability: We take ownership of problems, solutions, and outcomes.

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