Navigators are the king of the jungle when it comes to managers.

Here are some of the traits of our Navigators™:

1 - Focused on optimizing for optimal outcomes.

2 - Excited to make the world better for those around them. 

3 - Hungry to be the best.

Why should YOU strive to be a Navigator™?

The Cardagraph Navigator™ Community is chock-full of ideas and experience that help YOU be a better manager, leader, and all-around boss. By combining world-class people with Cardagraph sponsored parties and experiences, you can rub shoulders and share experiences not otherwise possible.

Navigators™ are not only the first to beta-test new Cardagraph features — but they actually have a say in the roadmap. They’re our power users and biggest advocates. Get the scoop on all the secrets about Cardagraph and the best way to use every little easter egg. From get-to-know-you meetings with the Cardagraph Executive Team to sponsored lunches and seminars, Navigators™ have it all.

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