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Whether you're doing sprints, campaigns, projects, or engagements, Cardagraph can help.

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Projects are the way a modern enterprise organizes its work. With Cardagraph’s Execution Intelligence, leaders get a global view of the projects, engagements, sprints, or campaigns being worked on in the company, all in one place.

Each project creates more data about how your team executes. Cardagraph's proprietary data filters and models allow management to use prior performance as a guide to the future.

Learn from individual, team, and project-based metrics from past performance. Have a clear view of each project as it's worked on, and be notified when something's not right. Adjust your projects to succeed by modeling out what a projected completion date does when a team adds another person or drops some scope.

Whatever your team does, do it better with Cardagraph.


Real-time API connections integrate with all the tools that your company uses to get work done. Managers get an up-to-date view of each project as it progresses in the Cardagraph platform.

Cross-functional projects are vital in every aspect of your business. From Shared Services to Finance to Marketing and more — understand the actual operations and processes that dominate.


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