Know how much can be done, accurately.

You can now tackle the biggest unknown in product roadmap planning — true engineering capacity.

Understand how much can be done, accurately. Using a revolutionary, yet simple, formula — you can now accurately plan and predict future engineering capacity and availability.

How much can get done

Plan knowing what is possible.

With Cardagraph, get real-time capacity updates and see capacity past, present, and future.

By using engineering data from tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, Shortcut, and more — Cardagraph knows the true capacity of your engineering team and forecasts it out into the future. Simply plan your roadmap knowing what is actually possible.

Rolling Average

With a rolling 12-week average, capacity levels are always up to date and accurate.

Where to plan

See when projects drop off and there is open capacity available to plan for.

When to cut back on work

Engineering teams only have so much capacity. Simply see when your teams are over capacity and what you are able to cut back on.

Play nice, together.

Finally, product and engineering teams have data to support their grievances on capacity with other areas of the company.

Meet with a product specialist and deliver when you promise.

We give you the forecast, completion date,  projected scope growth, and more. Now, go shout this from the rooftops and deliver when expected.


Don’t wait for a sprint to be finished to see what went wrong. Find out what’s going wrong and fix it.