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Cardagraph Execution Intelligenceā„¢ is the only product that automatically understands your team's unique product development cadences.

Predictability in the product development process is a game-changer not only for the product and development teams, but the business as a whole. Often times sales, marketing, finance, and more are holding back or wasting time because of a lack of predictability within product development.

Know when things will be done and which steps need to be taken to ensure that.


Cardagraph Execution Intelligenceā„¢ has been a life saver for product teams from the Fortune 500 to small, 5-person startups.

The platform is able to automatically predict and ensure timelines and product releases. It does this by looking at data from existing ticketing tools and incorporating your historical performance in order to provide insight into what you can expect to deliver on time and what will need extra attention.


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