What your roadmap should do, but doesn't.

With Cardagraph, set priorities and understand timelines backed by real data.

You no longer have to guess on your roadmap planning. Easily understand what is possible and when to expect it done. Drag and reorder priorities and instantly see the downstream affects it has on the rest of the workflow.

know reality

Prioritize your roadmap with actual capacity.

Your roadmap doesn't have to just be your hopes and wishes — but it can be your expectations and reality.

It's 2023, it's time to use data to plan how to deliver your priorities. By using actual engineering capacity based on historical data, Cardagraph helps you prioritize your roadmap and know what to expect.

See What Happens

Simply drag priorities around and immediately understand the downstream impact of reorganizing priorities.

Set Expectations

Show which priorities can actually remain a priority. Not everything is #1.

Prioritize Your Roadmap

Prioritize daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly using actual data.

What Is Possible

Plan your roadmap knowing the true engineering capacity you have available.

Meet with a product specialist and deliver when you promise.

We give you the forecast, completion date,  projected scope growth, and more. Now, go shout this from the rooftops and deliver when expected.