Product, delivered.

Coordinate product delivery effectively using real data, not guesses.

With accurate product delivery forecasting and a suite of tools to plan future delivery, simulate changes to active timelines, and compare different delivery scenarios you are now in the driver’s seat to better plan, predict, and deliver on your product roadmap for your GTM teams and customers.

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of our customers renew their contracts with Cardagraph.

Meet with a product specialist and deliver when you promise.

We give you the forecast, completion date,  projected scope growth, and more. Now, go shout this from the rooftops and deliver when expected.


Don’t wait for a sprint to be finished to see what went wrong. Find out what’s going wrong and fix it.


Cardagraph automatically understands and accounts for variables in average scope growth, size of project, pace, and more to forecast estimates and understand how it impacts past, present, and future product timelines.


Cardagraph automatically buckets past projects based on similarities to enable future expected results before your backlog is even built.


Know which "chess pieces" you can move in regards to scope and resources. Simulate and model changes in order to meet your delivery date.