Inefficient and ineffective work is costing 5-10% of your payroll. Cardagraph Execution Intelligence helps to eliminate that work by giving managers the context they need to solve performance problems and distribute workload correctly.

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Your team is a week late for the third sprint in a row and you know that leadership is frustrated with the lack of execution. You’re fighting to get realistic timelines and you’re warding off scope creep like the plague. But sprints come and go with tasks bleeding over and velocity staying where it’s always been. 

Every week, you leave work on Friday thinking about what the problem could be and you come to work on Monday having thought all weekend about solutions. You don’t need more time to think, you need context to determine what drives success and visibility to see how to implement it.

Cardagraph Execution Intelligence was made for you.


Product and dev teams miss roughly a quarter of their deadlines. Scope creep, task bleed-over and overly optimistic timelines end up costing companies 10% or more of their total payroll costs. 

With Cardagraph Execution Intelligence, your managers are notified automatically when projects start to get off track, when teams are running inefficiently, or when people are struggling. 

Stop wasting effort, time, and money on teams and projects that are giving clear signs on how to be improved. Uncover those signs and start succeeding.

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