Companies have started to grasp that tracking what a sales team is doing (e.g. CRM data and function) has a positive effect on that department. We’d like to help sales teams become even more efficient by showing managers exactly what’s happening on a daily basis. Combine CRM, email, messaging, and call data into one place so that you can find what’s working, then incentivize the behaviors that increase success.
What’s more, at Cardagraph, we believe the most exciting discoveries we’ve made have come because we’ve found correlations between different business functions. How many emails per day are sent and what does that mean for sales? How many phone calls happen per deal closed? Are marketing campaigns positively correlated with deals won? How correlated? Should you be doubling your marketing budget, or cutting it to increase commissions/sales enablement? Allow our tool to help you answer big questions by finding connections and leveraging the data you’re already making.