Why Cardagraph?

If you’ve ever tried to answer any of the questions below, I think we both know why Cardagraph is so necessary.

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… are my top performers?
... should I assign this specific type of task?
... can I help improve?
... could benefit from an extra one-on-one?
... is sacrificing quality for speed?
... gives this team the boost they need?


… is happening once a ticket gets assigned?
... are those people even working on?
... does changing this team do to estimated completion?
... can I show my non-technical execs to back up my claim that we need more developers?
... types of projects are we delivering on consistently?
... am I missing?
... is our team's capacity? 
... is the optimal amount of work to give each developer?


… are my devs starting/ending work?
... are my teams the most productive?
... should we grow and by how much?
... do I need to add someone to a project to make sure we don't miss another deadline?
... should I start getting worried about not getting done on time?
... ought we to be thinking about lowering scope or pushing the completion date?


… is the workload focused? Can we spread it out evenly?
... are my developers more productive? In-office or remote?
... would adding team members actually help?
... can I focus my time and efforts to get the greatest return?
... is the issue starting and how can I solve it?
... do my developers stand in terms of skill?


… is my dev team not delivering on time?
... are my devs drowning in workload at the end of every sprint?
... can’t that employee finish their tasks on time?
... do our projections always end up too optimistic?
... are my teams stressed out of their minds?


… often are my employees communicating?
... did we miss that deadline?
... can we streamline our development process?
... is that project progressing?
... can I put my team in the best position to succeed?
... should I be distributing work?

So, why?

Cardagraph is the only product that actively monitors your product development process and predicts project outcomes based on your team's unique product development cadences. It does this by looking at data from existing tools like Jira and Github and incorporating your historical performance in order to provide insight into what you can expect to deliver on time and what will need extra attention.

In short: to create predictability in product development.

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