Customer Service
In the area of workforce management, pitfalls abound. Grow too fast and lose out on efficiency. Grow too slow and leave dollars on the table. What if someone had access to all the software tools your workforce used so that they could accurately determine the capacity their team is running at? That would allow the company to grow at exactly the right pace. Match up workload with capacity and voila!
With Cardagraph, you can track that magical workload vs. capacity relationship in EVERY department in your organization. What’s more, you have a way to forecast what certain actions within one business function will do to the workload/capacity of others! Close a big sale? What does that mean for the customer service department? How about development?
In a job teeming with potential mistakes, do the smart thing! Move away from going with your gut and work things out with actual numbers from actual people in actual situations. Take your business from an art to a science, with Cardagraph.