What Roadmaps Were Supposed To Be

Predictability in the product delivery pipeline is now possible by planning your roadmap using capacity data and forecasted timelines. No more need for an unrealistic roadmap that you know is going to change anyways.


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With Execution Intelligence™, increase predictability throughout the entire product development process. This brings you:

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Your business depends on product timelines.

How can your sales team promise feature timelines to new or existing customers?

How can your CX team align with Product to lower churn?

How can Finance make accurate revenue forecasts from features?

How does Marketing know when to plan and push new campaigns?

Cardagraph creates timelines based on reality.

Make product delivery timeline decisions with real data. Without manual estimation.

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Accurately forecast product delivery timelines.

Using data from your JIRA, Azure DevOps, etc., Cardagraph provides accurate delivery forecasting that is tailored to your team.

Simulate changes to your delivery outcomes in real-time.

Cardagraph allows you to make simulated adjustments to scope and resources and see potential outcomes in real time.

Plan using reality. No more guesswork.

Planning takes valuable time. Cardagraph allows you to plan what can realistically be delivered even before you have a fully groomed backlog.

It's real

Cardagraph creates timelines based on data.

Predictable product delivery timelines are possible. Accounting for historical data like capacity, scope adjustments, project size, priority, and more — get real-time and accurate product delivery timelines.

Similar to the maps app on your phone, Cardagraph provides an initial forecast when your project begins and updates based on real-time circumstances.

"With Cardagraph, we have been able to predict and plan using actual reality. Estimations are clinically bad and inconsistent across every team. Being able to use Cardagraph to accurately forecast reality using that data, it has been a game changer."


What your roadmap should do, but doesn't.

With Cardagraph, set priorities and understand timelines backed by real data.

You no longer have to guess on your roadmap planning. Easily understand what is possible and when to expect it done. Drag and reorder priorities and instantly see the downstream affects it has on the rest of the workflow.

How much can get done

Plan knowing what is possible.

With Cardagraph, get real-time capacity updates and see capacity past, present, and future.

By using engineering data from tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, Shortcut, and more — Cardagraph knows the true capacity of your engineering team and forecasts it out into the future. Simply plan your roadmap knowing what is actually possible.

Rolling Average

With a rolling 12-week average, capacity levels are always up to date and accurate.

Where to plan

See when projects drop off and there is open capacity available to plan for.

When to cut back on work

Engineering teams only have so much capacity. Simply see when your teams are over capacity and what you are able to cut back on.

Play nice, together.

Finally, product and engineering teams have data to support their grievances on capacity with other areas of the company.

Hands tied? not anymore.

Finally, insight into the delivery process.

Your roadmap is prioritized and planned. Now, just hope things go right? Wrong.

With Cardagraph, see project timelines in real time and know what to expect.

Using portfolios, know where each team, project, client, and more stand in regards to delivery timelines. Easily simulate changes to understand how scope changes, capacity change, priority, and more affect delivery timelines.


An accurate solution to a complex problem

1) Seamless Integrations

With a few clicks to integrate your tools, Cardagraph immediately begins processing development data identifying capacity levels, forecasted scope adjustments, and other factors that affect product delivery timelines.

2) Powerful Data Processing

Cardagraph processes JIRA (and others) data and is able to align current and future timelines to actual historical data. Understanding how capacity will affect scope, etc.

3) Accurate Product Delivery Forecasting

Cardagraph abstracts the complexity away to provide you with a simple, web-based interface to plan and predict your product delivery and gives you a suite of tools to use that data to make a real impact on the bottom line.

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Product, delivered.

Cardagraph, Inc. is SOC 2 compliant and runs on the world's most reliable servers.


But product timelines are based on guesses and gut feeling.

Yes, including Agile.

That's right...
“The points don't matter, just like Friday afternoon at work.”

“The points will never be used, just like the exercise bike sitting in my basement.”

“The points are as useless as the word international in 'International House Of Pancakes'.”

Need to make adjustments mid-project?

Cardagraph's Model Tool allows you to move your chess pieces around to ensure on-time delivery.

Timelines based on reality, not guesses.

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Our Pricing

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7,000,000+ Events

4 Custom Domains

Dedicated Support Agent

12 Months Data History

1 Dedicated SSL

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7,000,000+ Events

4 Custom Domains

Dedicated Support Agent

12 Months Data History

1 Dedicated SSL

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