your remote workforce

Understand remote work productivity and optimize how to manage it.

Why Cardagraph

Control your processes.

To be a successful operator, you need processes, you need to follow those processes and then improve those processes. The Cardagraph platform helps you visualize and notate your processes and then gives you automatic, real-time data on the performance of the people carrying out those processes.

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The Power of Cardagraph

Process Improvement

Automatically identify processes in your organization as Streams™ in the Cardagraph platform, then uncover bottlenecks, patterns, and successes to optimize your workforce.

Productivity Analytics

Drill down to data that’s automatically attributed to the right teams, people, and projects. Quantify and compare the contributions through intuitive charts, tables, and metrics.

Automated Reporting

Automate the process of reporting to stakeholders whether they’re inside or outside your organization. Pin charts from any data source in real time.


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Connected With What You Use

Automatic Auth integrations with the softwares you use - even if it’s custom.


We're biased... Listen to the teams we work with

“We’re using Cardagraph to get clarity on the progress of our teams, and try to reduce noisy signals and bad metrics. Ultimately, better insight and efficiency about the product process is the goal”

Senior Manger

"Cardagraph finds the needle in the haystack full of data needles"

Director of Analytics
GE Appliances

“Automation is a priority for the modern enterprise but it’s hard to know where there’s real benefit. Cardagraph helps us know where and what to automate so we can focus on our goals while Cardagraph makes sure we’re efficient”

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Improve outcomes and simplify decision making with operational visibility — backed by data.

Improve outcomes and simplify decision making with operational visibility — backed by data.