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Plan + Predict Product Delivery

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Understand and predict project outcomes based on your team's unique product development. This leads to increased revenue, decreased churn, and company kumbaya.


Welcome To Cardagraph

With Execution Intelligence™, increase predictability throughout the entire product development process. This brings you:

Increased RevenueDecreased ChurnKumbaya Between Business and Product
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Your business depends on product timelines.

How can your sales team promise feature timelines to new or existing customers?

How can your CX team align with Product to lower churn?

How can Finance make accurate revenue forecasts from features?

How does Marketing know when to plan and push new campaigns?


Product timelines are based on guesses and gut feeling.

Yes, including Agile.

That's right...
“The points don't matter, just like Friday afternoon at work.”

“The points will never be used, just like my exercise bike.”

“The points are as useless as the word international in 'International House Of Pancakes'.”

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The Power Of Cardagraph

How Cardagraph helps Product Teams.

featured in CRNCardagraph is SOC 2 Type II compliantG2
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Plan and Predict product outcomes, with Cardagraph.

Enterprise-grade security

- SOC 2 Type II Compliant

- End to end encryption

- Secure hosting

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Introducing: Product Development Predictability

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Read first-hand about how to promote on-time delivery, answer tough questions, and forecast out the scope and resources.


How does it work?

The Cardagraph Platform works automatically  with the current workflow of your Product Teams to bring accurate predictability.

Cardagraph integrations
google workspace

Connect your stack with 1 click

- Connect to the software your team uses.

- Data is automatically attributed to the right people and teams — no implementation time on your end.

Identify and model execution trends

- Accurately model out different outcomes to ensure on-time releases.

- Quickly see how actual actions and numbers compare with expected performance and output.  

Invest in success with cardagraph

Invest in success

- Ensure the entire organization is on the same page with optimum planning.

- Make informed decisions on how to change and improve based on numbers that actually mean something.

Don't believe us?

Take their word for it.


Our Pricing

Our Pricing

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7,000,000+ Events

4 Custom Domains

Dedicated Support Agent

12 Months Data History

1 Dedicated SSL

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7,000,000+ Events

4 Custom Domains

Dedicated Support Agent

12 Months Data History

1 Dedicated SSL

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7,000,000+ Events

4 Custom Domains

Dedicated Support Agent

12 Months Data History

1 Dedicated SSL

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