Customer Service
It’s widely known that the easiest way for a company to make money is to keep customers who already believe in the product or service. The dreaded customer churn gives executives everywhere an involuntary shudder. That being said, with every customer lost, there are warnings, or signs that lead to the end of the relationship.
What if there was a way to quickly pull up a report that showed declining touches between the company and the customer? What if you could find trends and correlations between what was happening before a customer walked away? We could make customer churn a thing of the past.
With the Cardagraph platform, you can head to one place to see actual numbers about what was happening with a client. How many touches do we need to make in order to make sure customers know we’re involved? What does increasing those touch points do to our customer retention numbers? Allow us to demystify what makes customers leave and keep the business going strong!