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My Experience: Why Product Affects Marketing, Sales, and Finance. 

Yes, the power of Cardagraph is in the major problems that we solve and how we solve them. But the real power behind this all is the shared experiences we have with each and every product and technical leader out there. We didn’t just stumble upon this idea — we have experienced the pain tremendously. We KNEW there had to be a fix to the mismanagement of product delivery timelines. 

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Cardagraph CEO, Bentley Wilson — How The Internet Saved My Life

Today, I’m 28. I’m the CEO of a company that has raised capital from some the greatest angel investors and human beings that I have been blessed to meet. I’ve also been blessed to work with some incredibly smart people, who I now call friends. That being said this company has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done and gone through. When we first started the company in 2019 we set out to solve the greatest challenge in SaaS: the gap of understanding between developers and the business.

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Tell Me About Your Logo

What's up with the toucan? I’m here to answer your question. I’m here to answer your question. I know you’re sitting there wondering “why is there a toucan in your logo?”.

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