Tell Me About Your Logo

What's up with the toucan?

I’m here to answer your question. I know you’re sitting there wondering “why is there a toucan in your logo?”.

A toucan? A TOUCAN.

First, let’s jump into what Cardagraph is, and that question starts to answer itself. Have you ever tried to actually use all the information that’s being created to understand the productivity of your company, team, or project — or WHY you keep missing deadlines??. It can feel overwhelming at times and doesn’t allow you to see more than 5 feet in front of you.

Now let’s switch things up a bit. Have you ever been in a jungle? Like an actual jungle. Maybe, maybe not. Imagine (ok here’s something to get your mind going), you’re walking through a jungle with no path or directions — but you’re trying to see where you’re ultimately headed to. It feels overwhelming, right? How in the world are you supposed to see the big picture in a simple way? You can’t. So you try to climb a tree in order to see further. You do all this work and have all your friends help you up, just to get the same jumbled jungle view.

Then you see a bird fly above the canopy where they’re able to see all the twists and turns and hills that are around you and can immediately navigate and understand the terrain.

A toucan.

Cardagraph is the leader in Execution Management and offers immediate visibility. The platform gives insight into overall operational productivity while also offering automated forecasting models, identifying important trends and bottlenecks, and more.

This helps you to miss less deadlines.

Like a toucan clearly sees the overall scope of the jungle, Cardagraph does for you.

Spencer Jack
Co-Founder and COO
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