Which meeting schedule should YOUR team be using?

In a remote/hybrid environment, meetings are a hot topic. 

How often do you need to have them? How do you make sure they’re productive? What metrics should you talk about? The list can go on and on. 

To start, I ran a quick poll on LinkedIn to find out what meeting cadence others think is best. It received 130 votes and was a close race between daily 5 minute standups and a weekly planning meeting. Those two options combined for 84% of the total vote. Another 14% prefers no meetings at all with a few people choosing long, grind meetings every once in a while. 

People prefer at least weekly meetings, but why? I did a little more digging and found that it’s usually so employees and managers can ensure they’re on the same page. 

Have you seen our latest video? If not, it shows some of the negatives to the daily or weekly standups. Oftentimes there is no actual data or facts supporting the conversation in these meetings. Gut feeling and intuition cause scope creep, ineffective discussions, false expectations, and more. 

With Cardagraph, the meetings you do have become better and your teams will hit deadlines and be more productive. But how? Through Cardagraph’s automatic insight into deadlines, scope, and resources, you’re able to ensure this magic triangle is balanced in real time. With Cardagraph you’re walking into meetings with your update on the status of the work before talking to anyone and you can spend the time talking about what your people need to do their jobs well. Product, Engineering, Operations, Project Management Teams, and more are seeing more deadlines hit, happier teams, and an increase to the bottom line because of the Cardagraph platform.

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