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Which meeting schedule should YOUR team be using?

How often do you need to have them? How do you make sure they’re productive? What metrics should you talk about? The list can go on and on. 

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Three Continuous Improvement Principles For Service Companies

How to supercharge your profitability using the manufacturing industry’s secret weapon.

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The Problem With Business Efficiency Analytics

Cardagraph was built on a problem. I experienced this problem first-hand as an executive at a very high growth company.

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The 9 Operational Decisions Managers Have To Make Correctly

Simply put, executives are constantly tasked with solving extremely complex problems within their organizations.

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Performance Visibility: The Answer to Operational Problems

What if operations leaders could spend more time addressing, predicting and preventing issues vs. simply reacting to them?

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My Left Thumb and the NBA: Limiting Factors and Diagnosing Organizational Inefficiencies

Like many young boys, I was convinced that I was destined for the NBA. No matter the weather or the temperature you’d find me out in my driveway shooting hoops and envisioning championship-winning buzzer-beaters.

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Monitoring Performance: The Problem With ROI Simplification

In almost all aspects of our lives, we simplify things to make them more understandable.

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Introducing the VDP

What happens when an executive team is asked to manage thousands of employees and stakeholders in an ever changing work environment?

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How to Bake a Cake

How Margins and Profitability Drastically Affect the Value You Deliver

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Automated Reporting for Operators

As an OpEx your job is to keep the ship running smoothly and improve at a high clip. Ideally, you are anticipating issues and addressing surprise challenges with skill, agility, and (above all) speed.

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