Predicting Timing + Why It's Important

As COO, my role is always changing and evolving. Lately, a top focus of mine has been on meeting with customers to ensure we are truly solving their biggest pains in Product Management. 

Over and over and over I’ve heard that they’re unable to give accurate dates to customers and it has been hurting them like crazy. At one company, she mentioned that 100 - 200 people are always doing damage control at one time due to inaccurate forecasting from the Product Management department. If you think about the $$$ lost in that scenario, it’ll make you sick.  

Another large company that I was talking to said that they desperately need to be able to accurately forecast but it is too difficult to predict…so they resorted to adding in some of the biggest buffers known to man. Now, their customers have to wait 3 QUARTERS for even the smallest updates. 

So the question of the day: HOW? You know why the ability to forecast product delivery timelines is important, but it is a highly complex thing to figure out. From variables to unknowables, it has been nearly impossible to predict.

Enable more accurate estimations and forecasting with Cardagraph. By automatically understanding the past and how variables and other previously unknown circumstances affect product delivery timelines, you can now predict the timing of completed projects. By increasing this predictability, it enables you to communicate more effectively with customers, stakeholders, departments, and more. 

Through meeting with hundreds of product leaders and talking with our current and potential customers, I have confirmed that we are solving the biggest unsolved problem that product leaders are faced with every single day. That is what I live for — the ability to solve complex problems for thousands of people, simply. 

Jump on the wagon and lets go! 



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