Introducing the VDP

What happens when an executive team is asked to manage thousands of employees and stakeholders in an ever changing work environment? Predictably, the question of most paramount importance is “How do we create an environment where employees are efficient and effective at, not just fulfilling their personal responsibilities, but contributing to the organization’s goals as a whole?”.  

A seemingly insurmountable challenge with disparate systems and remote teams, understanding how to optimize the organization in a dynamic operational environment is the greatest challenge executives face today. Profitability is wholly dependent on it, therefore corporate strategy must be directly informed by it.

How do we do this?

At every organization there are processes big and small that enable the organization to operate. If capital is the oil that keeps the gears greased and turning, processes are the gears themselves. The most chief process at any organization is the Value Delivery Process™ (VDP). The VDP is the process through which an organization fulfils on the promises it makes to its customers. It is, quite literally, the way that an organization has defined the method through which it will deliver value. As we pour more and more capital into these processes there will come a threshold where an increase in capital does not necessarily enable the process to turn more efficiently. However, this is the main lever.

For the first time in human history we can understand WHAT, exactly, is happening inside of an organization, WHY that is happening and HOW to resolve or improve those processes. This is possible because of a near 100% drive to software to manage work. Imagine a world where every time work is performed, corresponding metadata is created as a record of that work. Now imagine if there were a system that could tell you the importance of that work, how the greater body is affected by that work, and how to create a better outcome the next time similar work is performed.

To solve this issue we must get to the root cause instead of getting distracted by the symptoms. The core issue at play at large organizations is the dense flora before them as they trek through the jungle of operating in today’s landscape.

Bentley Wilson
Co-Founder and CEO

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