The Problem With Business Efficiency Analytics

Cardagraph was built on a problem. I experienced this problem first-hand as an executive at a very high growth company. I came into the company early on and was a part of some massive expansion. Along with this growth, however, comes a lack of insight into the operations of the company.  

For high-growth companies as well as established enterprises, it’s tough to manage and predict any sort of true productivity metrics. As we continue into the normalcy of remote work – this is becoming even more apparent.

As a manager of people and operations, there’s nothing more important than having correct, data-backed metrics to properly place, predict, and execute within processes, projects, and departments.

So all this seems pretty obvious, right? Right. Here’s the thing though: in the pre-Cardagraph world, it isn’t such an easy thing. Personally, I had to manage teams and workloads based on fake data. You know, data like gut feeling, employee surveys, etc. While those “guesses” are still valuable to an extent, adding true data to the decision making process is company-changing.

There are some things that I tried to use to gather “data”…things like Business Intelligence tools, time tracking systems, etc. but those are time intensive, big brother-esque, and unreliable. Siloed data and confusing metrics aren’t the answer.

All these experiences have led us to be in a place to introduce and lead a market that hasn’t existed before now. A market that will become crucial to the way work…works.

This journey is just beginning – let’s do it together.

Spencer Jack
Co-Founder and COO
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