Cardagraph Product Updates 9/11/23

We have exciting updates coming this week and we wanted to make sure you know what to expect.

What's New (or currently rolling out):

Delivery Chart update, new icons, and more.

  1. Automated Portfolios. Beginning later this week, you will be able to create portfolios by Jira tag, JQL, etc. This is a very powerful feature to ensure new Epics created automatically go to the correct Cardagraph Portfolio. It will also greatly decrease time needed to create new portfolios.
  2. Updated Interface. We are beginning a frontend overhaul and you will see an updated interface (see image above). We took out the blue section in the Delivery Forecast Chart and extended the green when the project is ahead. Settings will also be moving to the right side of the screen where you'll be able to manage everything related to that project.
  3. Custom Project data integrity. You will have the ability to see exactly which projects will be included in the custom project after writing the JQL.
  4. New Onboarding Flow. Onboarding and implementation will be streamlined and intuitive. This will allow the ability to properly set up your data, create portfolios, set target timelines, and more.
  5. Routine improvements and bug fixes. This includes the new interface, timeline charts, and more.

Cardagraph is moving quicker than ever and is leading the Product Delivery Market. Keep an eye out for weekly product updates and relevant news!

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