Cardagraph Promotes Co-Founder Spencer Jack To New CRO Position

Cardagraph Promotes Co-Founder Spencer Jack To New CRO Position



—Jack’s move to CRO position further validates Cardagraph’s growth over the past year and sets the company up for the years to come.


Salt Lake City, Utah, [September 22, 2022]—Cardagraph, the technology company that is dramatically improving software development estimating and delivery using its unique approach and platform, is announcing the promotion of Spencer Jack to Chief Revenue Officer . 


As a co-founder, Spencer has built Cardagraph from the ground up with co-founder and CEO Bentley Wilson. Jack has created a strong sales process and has naturally focused on revenue growth in his previous role. CRO is the next natural progression for him and Cardagraph. 


“As COO, my focus was to help whatever part of the business needed me the most. Typically, that skewed towards sales, marketing, success, and rev ops.” said Jack. “The obvious next step is for me to fully own all revenue operations. Since co-founding Cardagraph, I’ve been able to grow into a role that I naturally excel at — Chief Revenue Officer.”


“Spencer has been such a great partner to me over the years of building, experimenting, and iterating with Cardagraph. He has always shown a skill for working with decision makers and communicating the value of Cardagraph in an effective way. Moving him to this role was a no brainer and will allow Cardagraph to grow faster than ever before. I trust him to own and grow this key area within Cardagraph entirely.” said Bentley Wilson, CEO, Cardagraph 


Cardagraph offers integrations into Asana, Azure DevOps, JIRA, GitHub, and many other popular ticketing tools, and uses its technology platform to make it easy for product and development leaders to see estimation reality in real-time. The company sells its solution as a SaaS offering.


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About Cardagraph

Cardagraph is the first platform to help product leaders and teams plan using reality instead of assumptions and estimates. Simple connections to the tools you use (Jira, Gitlab, Azure, etc.) allow Cardagraph’s Execution Intelligence™ to give realistic completion dates and more accurately set and meet the expectations you give to other parts of the business.

Set expectations based on reality so you can meet those expectations more reliably.

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