Turo, Podium, And More Select Cardagraph to Better Plan and Predict Their Product Delivery

Turo, Podium, And More Select Cardagraph to Better Plan and Predict Their Product Delivery 


—C-suite and product leaders of top companies take action to improve their product execution trends and deliver commitments on time using Cardagraph


Salt Lake City, Utah, [July 19, 2022]—Cardagraph, the technology company that is dramatically improving software development estimating and delivery using its unique approach and platform, is announcing it has signed several significant clients that help validate its solution and continue to drive its 2022 growth momentum.


The new Cardagraph customers include Turo, the leader in the peer-to-peer carsharing industry, and Podium, a pioneer in communication and marketing for local businesses.


Other new customers of Cardagraph include DataMotion, Premier Digital Services (the company behind your favorite streaming apps like Apple TV+), and more with Podium being a top pilot customer. 


“These world-class companies validate our mission and direction,” said Bentley Wilson, CEO, Cardagraph. “There’s a huge and costly area of the software development industry that leaders aren’t addressing: project estimates are just wrong, a lot, and that costs companies millions of dollars in lost revenue, missed commitments, and brand reputation. This is what Cardagraph is solving.”


 “Finding predictability in the product development process is hard. Having Cardagraph help us get better at planning and executing as a team is a major win!” 


  • Thomas Stockham, Senior Product Manager, Podium


“The issue of missing delivery timelines and accepting that it’s just a part of the job is pervasive throughout any industry…most notably digital product and engineering” said Spencer Jack, COO, Cardagraph. “Cardagraph has pioneered a unique way to create clear visibility—reality—from the clouds of project data, agile estimates, and ticketing software. They are tools that do some parts well, but they don’t use historical performance data to reveal what teams produce. This reality brings greater alignment to estimating and delivery.”


Cardagraph offers integrations into Asana, Azure DevOps, JIRA, GitHub, and many other popular ticketing tools, and uses its technology platform to make it easy for product and development leaders to see estimation reality in real-time. The company sells its solution as a SaaS offering.


For more information or to see a demo, visit cardagraph.com


About Cardagraph

Cardagraph is the first platform to help product leaders and teams plan using reality instead of assumptions and estimates. Simple connections to the tools you use (Jira, Gitlab, Azure, etc.) allow Cardagraph’s Execution Intelligence™ to give realistic completion dates and more accurately set and meet the expectations you give to other parts of the business.

Set expectations based on reality so you can meet those expectations more reliably.

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